Blaqk Stereo (1.0) is a groundbreaking platform that combines the best of web3 technologies with the familiarity and simplicity of web2 music apps. Our mission is to create a seamless and immersive experience where music enthusiasts can explore, discover, and connect in a new era of digital music. Blaqk Stereo is not just a music streaming platform; it's a gateway to a vibrant community. cutting-edge NFT marketplace, and future possibilities.


The Streaming Platform

Blaqk Stereo's streaming platform offers a vast library of music from all genres, allowing you to dive into your favourite tracks and explore new sounds. Discover personalised recommendations based on your unique taste and preferences, create playlists to curate your own musical journey, and follow your favourite artists to stay connected with their latest releases.

The Blaqk Stereo NFT Marketplace revolutionises the way you engage with music through digital collectibles. Immerse yourself in a world of limited-edition music releases, virtual concert experiences, and exclusive artist collaborations. Own unique NFTs that represent special moments and interactions with your favourite artists, while supporting their creativity and unlocking new levels of fan engagement.

The NFT Marketplace

The Blaqk Stereo Community

Blaqk Stereo is more than just a platform; it's a community of passionate music enthusiasts, artists, and collectors. Connect with like-minded individuals, engage in discussions, and share your love for music. Discover shared playlists, join virtual events, and participate in community-driven initiatives that celebrate the power of music and creativity.

The Future of Blaqk Stereo

Blaqk Stereo is continually evolving, pushing boundaries, and exploring new frontiers. We are committed to embracing emerging technologies, collaborations, and innovative features that enhance your music streaming and NFT experiences. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we shape the future of music consumption and fan engagement.


Welcome to Blaqk Stereo, where the power of music meets the possibilities of the blockchain Experience a seamless fusion of music streaming, NFTs, and community engagement like never before. Join us on this journey as we reimagine the way music is discovered, enjoyed, and celebrated.


Guinness World Records

The longest recording marathon with multiple artists, lasting 40 hours and 19 minutes, was achieved by Hawwal E. Olanrewaju Ogungbadero and the (BSMG) Blaqk Stereo music group, all from Nigeria. This remarkable feat took place in Lagos, Nigeria, on June 25, 2022.

Hawwal served as the event's host, with the primary aim of supporting local artists within his community and providing them with a platform to express their creativity. A total of 29 different artists showcased their talents throughout this impressive record-setting attempt.

Artist Support

Raised over $20,000 USD in grants for artist support initiatives, one of which was the Guinness world record attempt organised by Blaqk Stereo Dao.



UI / UX designer

Music Producer & Council at Blaqk Stereo Dao