Experience the Future of Music

Blaqk Stereo is a groundbreaking music app that provides creators with powerful tools and offers rewarding experiences to our valued listeners

Effortlessly manage transactions in the Blaqk Stereo Music App using the Blaqk Stereo Wallet

Fostering Creativity

Blaqk Stereo provides creators with an all-encompassing platform that enables them to seamlessly share their music, engage in NFT transactions, and participate in our innovative crowdfunding initiatives, ultimately transforming the creative process into a truly rewarding journey.

Seamless Royalty Rewards with Blaqk Stereo Wallet

Experience instant tokenised royalty rewards in your Blaqk Stereo wallet, sourced directly from streams and NFT sales.

Effortlessly stream millions of songs, including your favorites, with Blaqk Stereo Media Player

Infinite Music Streaming

Dive into the vibrant world of music NFTs within the Blaqk Stereo Marketplace, where you can crowd-fund, trade, and earn

Blaqk Stereo is a pioneering web3 music app that directly connects artists and listeners, revolutionising the rewards for creativity

Customize your profile to connect with like-minded enthusiasts and access your personal library of songs and NFT collections
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Trade NFTs, earn interest on investments as they appreciate, and connect with fellow collectors
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Eliminate the need for intermediaries, eradicate the lengthy 3-month waiting period for royalty payments, and overcome payment platform limitations in various regions.

Elevate your earning experience effortlessly

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